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​四宮スズカ Suzuka Shinomiya    

2001.3    香川県高松市に生まれる        Born in Japan-Kagawa prefecture(Shikoku)
2019.9    すいどーばた美術学院・油画科入学       Enroll in Suidobata art academy

​2022.4    多摩美術大学・絵画科・油画専攻入学    Enroll in Tama art university


 Through the creation and appreciation, I am serching a way of connect with the roots of the world.
 Painting series that focuses on angles, postures, and distances, and the painting that salt create in a generative manner , and other are my representative art works .

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2021.11      「CC(closed circuit)」 (東京 Gallery 33 south)
2023.3        「うけい籠り」     (東京 美術紫水)
        8        「scow」         (東京 Hello bee、Gallery美の舎、Gallery KINGYO、谷中ギャラリーhaco)
        11    「洞(〇X∞・・・司)」  (東京 aL Bace) 

2022.3        ART FAIR TOKYO 2022            
        8        三人展「≃直会」   (東京  Gallery2511)
        9        二人展「シ.エン」  (東京 Gallery美の舎)
   10        3331ART FAIR 2022     
2023.9        ART Students STARS vol.2                            


2017 第41回全国高等学校総合文化祭 奨励賞
2018 第42回全国高等学校総合文化祭 最優秀賞
2022 gallery美の舎学生選抜展    グランプリ    

【Mainly Solo Exhibitions】
2021.11    ''CC(closed circuit)''                                  (Tokyo Gallery 33 south)
2023.3      ''Self-confinement for prayer(Ukei-gomori)''  (Tokyo Bijutu Shisui)
        8      ''scow''                                                   
       (Tokyo Hello bee、Gallery 、Gallery KINGYO、Yanaka Gallery Haco)
        11    ''洞(〇X∞・・・司)''                                   (Tokyo   aL Bace)


【Mainly Participating Exhibitions】
2022.3        ''Artist Fair Tokyo 2022''   
      8        ''≃Norai''   
        (Tokyo  Gallery2511)
        9        ''Si.En''        (Tokyo   Gallery Binosha)
   10       ''3331ART FAIR 2022''                                    
 2023.9       ''ART Students STARS vol.2''  

2017 41st Japan High School Culture Festival 
     Encouragement Award

2018 42st Japan High School Culture Festival 
     Excellence award

2022 Gallery Binosha Student selection exhibition       
​      Grand prize  

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