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​四宮スズカ Suzuka Shinomiya    

2001.3    香川県高松市に生まれる        Born in Japan-Kagawa prefecture(Shikoku)
2019.9    すいどーばた美術学院・油画科入学       Enroll in Suidobata art academy

​2022.4    多摩美術大学・絵画科・油画専攻入学    Enroll in Tama art university


 I am observing immediate surroundings,history and society based on the premise of death. And I am builting subjective hypothesis  the beginning of the universe and where the world is go.
Through the creation and appreciation, we connect with the roots of the world. I am searching for this way.
 I am also transgender. So also seeks ways to deviate from the world that is made up of all kinds of frameworks, definitions, languages, and cultures .


2021.11      個展「CC(closed circuit)」
2022.8        三人展「≃直会」​   
        9        二人展「シ.エン」                   
        11      多摩美術大学芸術祭参加展「∴」

2023.1        二人展「Sen:Lei」
    3        個展「うけい籠り」

2022.3        Future Artist Tokyo 2022            
   6        五美術大学交流会「小作品展」
   7      ミニアチュールzero展 2022 
   10        3331ART FAIR 2022
2023.1        第一回美術音楽会議

2017 第41回全国高等学校総合文化祭 奨励賞
2018 第42回全国高等学校総合文化祭 最優秀賞
2022 gallery美の舎学生選抜展    グランプリ    

【Organized Exhibitions by me】

2021.11    CC(closed circuit)
2023.3      Self-confinement for prayer(Ukei-gomori)

022.8       ≃Norai
        9       Si.En                   
        11      ∴

2023.1        Line:courtesy (Sen:Lei)

【Participating Exhibitions】
2022.3        Artist Fair Tokyo 2022                       
   10        3331ART FAIR 2022
2023.1        1st Conference for  Art and Music

2017 41st Japan High School Culture Festival 
     Encouragement Award

2018 42st Japan High School Culture Festival 
     Excellence award

2022 Gallery Binosha Student selection exhibition       
​      Grand prize  

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